Removals to Poland

International Removals to Poland

International Removals to Poland from Australia is best organised by a quality removalists such as Nuss. As a part of our overseas moving and relocation to Europe service, international removals to Poland are managed by Nuss on a regular basis. For those of you who have never been to Poland before we have prepared this article that will give you some valuable information on this great European country. Read more

relocating to Egypt

Relocating to Egypt from Australia

Relocating to Egypt is by no means an easy task to organise and execute, but Nuss Relocation consultants are up to the challenge. If you are moving overseas from Australia, you will be pleased to know that Nuss Relocations have the experience and necessary expertise in organising relocations world wide. We will navigate through oceans of paperwork and roadblocks of cultural differences, making your relocation as easy as possible. Read more

biosecurity and quarantine reminder

Moving to Australia from China – biosecurity reminder

If you are moving to Australia from China around Chinese new year and planning to bring lots of presents for your families and friends, you should definitely consider Australian Quarantine and Bio-security regulations first before packing your suitcases. You must ensure that the items you’re bringing with when moving to Australia are NOT on the prohibited items list, otherwise you will be risking serious fines and could find yourself in a very unpleasant situation. Read more