packing for overseas move

Packing for Overseas Move – Top 5 Tips

Packing for overseas move can present a big challenge to most people, even those with good organising skills. There is lot more to consider compared to a local or interstate move, and gathering the right information beforehand is important. We have presented the five useful questions you should ask yourself if you’re moving overseas, so you’ll be better prepared for the tasks ahead. Read more

Moving Pets to Australia

Moving Pets to Australia Quarantine Regulations

When moving pets to Australia from another country, it is important to know that Australian quarantine regulations are very strict when it comes to importing animals. All pets are required to undergo a period of quarantine upon entering Australia in accordance with the Rabies Prevention Law. Current legislation requires pets to be quarantined for the period of 30 days. Read more

benji marshall

Benji Marshall Moving to New Zealand

Benji Marshall and his wife Zoe Balbi are moving to New Zealand and we were there to help. It doesn’t happen every day that we have a chance to meet a celebrity couple on the job and naturally we were very excited about it. We asked them for a short interview and some photos while our boys were packing their home and to our delight they accepted. Below is what Benji and Zoe had to say about this significant moment in their lives. Read more